The press representative of SYRIZA PS, Dora Avgeri, spoke about polyphony and division, with the aim of creating an opposition to SYRIZA and not to Mr. Mitsotakis, against the background of the deletions.

“There is a process, which is ongoing for SYRIZA party members and executives. The bodies, based on the statutory provisions, will decide. Procedures have been initiated. So, you know, even as a journalist, if I were doing this job today, I would not choose to make a headline that the president of SYRIZA is withdrawing from the USA. The procedures have been initiated, as provided for by the statute, precisely with this political goal, if it is possible from today and tomorrow to do work in the field, to answer the big issues”, he emphasized speaking to ERT.

Regarding Mr. Fili, Skourletis and Vitsa, he answered: “Until last night, they were members of SYRIZA with an exhaustion of patience and tolerance from the president of SYRIZA. I want to remind you that there were meetings with comrades.

THE Stefanos Kasselakis met with him Niko Fili in his office in Parliament. It was one of the first meetings he had. He tried to have a meaningful dialogue and above all to give the nod to the people of SYRIZA, but also to the progressive majority of Greek society that this is exactly what is happening.

Unfortunately, however, from what it seems, here we have not only a lack of respect for the election result, the procedures and the process itself, as it is provided for by the statute, i.e. grassroots election. But allow me to say that we also have a lack of respect for the president as well as the other members of SYRIZA”.

And he continued: “Right now there is a leadership. Some may like it, some may not like it, because this is not compatible with what they had in mind. But that’s the decision. Let’s let things and life itself prove who is right and who is wrong. Shouldn’t we allow the new SYRIZA president to practice politics? So far, all those who pretend to be interested in politics, have not allowed the formulation of the political proposal and the plan, much less the implementation of the policy in practice and in the field,” he added.

“Many did not vote for Kaselakis but respect the procedures. There are partners who say this “is the result. We will serve SYRIZA, with this leadership mainly aiming at political change. Because that’s what the world wants.” And of course everything is to be evaluated. And I who speak to you, we all evaluate and are evaluated. But let’s give it some room. For a month now that I have been exercising these duties, unfortunately I am in the unpleasant position, instead of answering to Mr. Skrekas or Mr. Marinakis or presenting the new plans of SYRIZA, to respond to the statements of my comrades and comrades on television, on the radio” he noted Mrs. Augeri.

“You cannot say at one moment that your party, the party you belong to, is corrupt. You can’t call your party a chump. Then how do you stay in this party and at the same time prescribe the creation of a new party organization and even give it a name from the television”.