Regarding electricity and food, the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Israel but also about what has been happening in the last few days in SYRIZA, the government representative spoke, Pavlos Marinakis on his show , “Mismatches”.

Regarding the government’s support measures for the current for the month of November Mr. Marinakis commented that with the subsidies “the increase in social tariffs is 100% covered so that households do not pay the upcoming increases”.

Specifically for Thessaly and the support measures for those affected the government representative reported that “Over 17,000 people have been given compensation in less than a month and a half. The amount that has been given amounts to 72.6 million euros”.

Asked about it whether subsidies will be given again Mr. Marinaki replied that “on stream will continue when there is increased need. For food, more and more codes are entering the “every day low price”. The goal is 500 codes. 200 have already been exceeded” he said and added that checks are being intensified for any instances of ill-gotten gains.

Regarding the possibility of being given a market pass again, he answered how “we believe in permanent interventions, such as for example in the public sector. In April we will have a new increase in the minimum wage, so that we can gradually reach the 950 that we said before the election and the 1,500 average salary and to implement what we said before the election.”

For the visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Israel

Invited to comment on it visit of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to Israel but also his comment Costas Karamanlis for Turkey, Mr. Marinakis answered:

“The Greek prime minister went to Israel because we are with his right to self-defense, but he also went to Egypt. He made a very important intervention. Greece has a multidimensional foreign policy. He is an equal speaker. They listen to Greece, it is fortified with respect for international law” he said and continued:

“We always listen with respect to the words of Mr. Karamanlis about Greek-Turkish languages. We are in a phase of dialogue, which is very important for both countries. No willingness to compromise on sovereign rights. Greece is much stronger diplomatically, defensively and at all levels” underlined.


Regarding what has been happening in the last few days in the official opposition party, Mr. Marinakis refused to comment saying only “It is not our job to comment on the internal affairs of another party. It is our wish that the country acquires a credible opposition. For now, we’re just hoping”