Mr. Kasselakis makes politics based on his personal life and not based on the citizens’ problems” commented the SYRIZA MP, Nikos Philis speaking on Wednesday morning to SKAI and the show “Mismatched”, pointing out that features himself on a reality show avoiding dialogue.

“His presence so far is identified with the promotion of his personal life and not with the problems of the world” Nikos Filis pointed out, emphasizing how “the party is going through a strategic crisis”.

“The party is shrinking, its credibility is deteriorating. Mr. Kasselakis makes it worse because trying to turn a party of the Left into a Democratic Party Biden” said the SYRIZA MP, saying that “supported by the dark web” following Trump practices.

Nikos Filis once again raised the issue of leadership in SYRIZA saying that “Mr. Kasselakis is talking about issues outside the SYRIZA program. If he persists with these views that he expressed before and after he was president, in our opinion he cannot be president.”. He emphasized that in the end if two worlds so different from each other are formed, coexistence will be difficult.

“The shift to the center right leaves a void. After 60 years of fighting for another non-doctrinal Left, will we leave this space broken? Can this party form an opposition when it leaves the space it has identified and becomes a different centre-right party as a wild card?’ asked Mr. Philis.

“If you are a party complementary to the government with liberal views you cannot inspire anyone” he said.

According to Mr. Phil Mr. Kasselakis cannot delete anyone based on the statute.

For if Alexis Tsipras should talk about all this that are happening in SYRIZA even if it bears a share of responsibility, Mr. Filis said. “Mr. Tsipras will speak when he deems necessary.” However, he pointed out that Mr. Tsipras did not react either when Mr. Kasselakis told the party congress that top members were undermining Tsipras, nor when a story started on the “dark internet” that “Ahtsioglou threatened Tsipras. Shouldn’t he say it was slander?’ he said and underlined that Tsipras is the one who nominated Kasselakis.

“From what I see, Mr. Kasselakis has decided to delete me. To hold a conference with premature deletions. If things come to a dead end, we’ll have to see what we do.” he added.

“His power is not 60,000 votes. There are 400,000 who left in the parliamentary elections. We are in a phase where SYRIZA is going through a continuous strategic defeat and retreating. Unfortunately, Kasselakis appears to be vaguely implementing a plan to transform SYRIZA from a left-wing, broad European party into something else that the forces of the economic oligarchy in our country also want. said the SYRIZA MP and concluded that “what he is doing is serving the collapse of the radical Left.”