I am interested in changing the tone of the discussion about the crisis in SYRIZA, stressed the historical executive of SYRIZA, Thodoris Dritsas, speaking to SKAI and the “Today” show.

He emphasized that the radical, democratic Left has never been afraid of differences and that publicity is needed to restore balance.

“Many say that society is not interested in what is happening in SYRIZA. This is tragic. We have a war at our feet and Mr. Mitsotakis did not vote for the resolution at the UN, we have the climate crisis, these are huge issues. And doesn’t society care what the composition of the second most powerful party in Greece is?” said Mr. Dritsas.

Asked about the position he has formulated for Stefanos Kasselakis, he said that the new leader “unfortunately is developing into a factor of division and destabilization” adding that he has nothing to do with him personally.

“The people of SYRIZA – and many came and actually voted – a part of it has no active participation and chose a flight forward according to its own criteria,” he said of the process.

And he continued about Mr. Kasselakis: “However, he cannot take an initiative and nominate a candidate for a party that he is not even a member of, has no relevance. We had not imagined such a thing to provide for it in the statute.”

He added that “during his campaign he did not present a single programmatic political point of view and did not commit to anything. Then he has positions, but they are foreign to the tradition of the Left. Isn’t that divisive? Isn’t that absurd?”

“This absurdity must find a way of purification similar to that of the ancient tragedy” he said and added:

“I have nothing personal with Mr. Kassellakis, politics is the difference, he is obliged to establish his own party.”

“If he wanted to join SYRIZA, he should have entered the process, offered, not claimed leadership, this is a historical setback unprecedented worldwide” he added and concluded: “We will overcome the crisis.”