Raid on West Bank, and specifically to the refugee Jenin camp, the Israeli army started late Sunday night with dozens of armored vehicles.

The raid is described as an operation “big scale”, with the Palestinian news agency WAFA reporting that Israeli forces entered Jenin with more than 100 military vehicles, among them two military-type bulldozers. They also surrounded the areas around Ibn Sina Hospital.

The Palestinian news agency reports that three people were killed by Israeli fire in Jenin amid reports of heavy fighting in the West Bank city. One of them the Wiam Hanoun, who is recognized online as the arm’s founder of Islamic Jihad, Jenin Brigade.

Footage shared online shows Israeli troops continuing to operate in the city after daylight.

The Israeli armed forces and the Shin Bet – Israel’s internal security agency – confirmed an airstrike in Jenin.

In a joint statement they issued, they claim that they struck underground shelter in the area of ​​the mosque, which was used as a base by its fighters Hamas and her Islamic Jihad.

The Shin Bet and the IDF claim they had information about an imminent terrorist attack planned by this cell. They also released images that – according to the relevant information – show a hatch that led from the mosque to the underground shelter, as well as a diagram of the area where weapons and ammunition were stored.

Israel fires back after rocket launches from Syria

The Israeli army announced in the meantime how it hit targets in Syria in retaliation for the new rocket launches against Israeli territory yesterday Sunday.

The air force “struck terrorist infrastructure in Syrian territory,” X (formerly Twitter) reported.

A few hours earlier Chahal, the Israeli army, announced that it hit positions from which rockets were fired towards Israeli territory. The rockets “fell in open space”, without causing casualties or damage.

🔴 In response to launches from Syria towards Israel earlier this Sunday, an IAF aircraft struck military infrastructure in Syrian territory.

— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) October 29, 2023

It is unclear who fired the rockets. There has been no claim of responsibility.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a non-governmental organization based in Britain that relies on a wide network of sources, positions near the border were hit. Eyewitnesses spoke of explosions.

The situation on Israel’s border with Syria, as well as with Lebanon, has deteriorated dramatically after the war with Hamas broke out on October 7.