The Deputy Minister of Education, Domna Michailidou, gave an answer to viewers’ questions about the examinations and the recruitment of teachers in the State, on SKAI television.

For teacher recruitmentn the following years, the deputy minister stated that they will be done with the classic allocation of ASEP – without competition – while over time moves will be made for a dialogue with the teachers’ federations and bodies.

Gaps in schools

“The gaps in the schools will be closed tomorrow” said Mrs. Michailidou.

The platform opens tomorrow for the 2,800 vacancies, – where teachers can enter and declare which position they are interested in.

On Wednesday they will find out by sms which schools they will be placed in and by Friday they will have been placed in their places.

For incidents of violence and child delinquency in schools

“The issue is out of the question and we’re trying to see what we can do at the family and school level.”

We observe what the most advanced countries have done and apply these models, such as
– Empathy classes, like in Denmark
– Increase in the recruitment of social workers and psychologists in schools, as in France
– Teacher training as in Sweden
In addition, the reporting platform for incidents of bullying in schools opens next week.