The meeting between Stefanos Kasselakis and Kyriakos Mitsotakis tomorrow is institutional, as the president of SYRIZA and the official opposition party he wants to meet the prime minister, it is an institutional obligation, the leaders must discuss, stressed SYRIZA MP Petros Pappas speaking to SKAI and on the “Today” show.

He emphasized that in national matters, SYRIZA firmly follows the national strategy while adding that instead of discussing the accuracy and the problems in the National Health Service and in education “we must apologize for statements that do not stand up to logic, because they question the democratic process”.

We must move forward, underlined Mr. Pappas and stressed that the democratic process cannot be questioned.

SYRIZA has a new president and he must change, because this is the demand of the base, he said characteristically and added that if someone does not want and cannot move forward, “that is his choice”.

“When someone is questioning the president how do they continue to be in this party? This does not stand up to logic,” said Mr. Pappas and spoke of the “self-referentiality” of some SYRIZA executives.

“SYRIZA must continue united at its base. If someone can’t, they don’t follow. He puts himself out,” he said.

Asked about the interventions of Pavlos Polakis, he said: “I think he has an institutional approach to the issues. I have not heard any insulting statement lately, he expressed his disappointment for the statement made yesterday by Mr. Dritsas. He has a right to his opinion and expresses it as he sees fit.”

Mr. Pappas concluded by saying that “what SYRIZA does not need is the internal dispute, it does not interest the citizens and does not take us further. From us the world will hear proposals and what is the vision of SYRIZA”.

Finally, he expressed concern over the fact that Greece did not support the UN resolution for a “humanitarian ceasefire” in the Gaza Strip, while he concluded by saying: “Clearly SYRIZA considers Hamas to be a terrorist organization and condemns the attack on Israel and clearly recognizes the Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorism.”