Accuracy becomes a number one problem for citizens, since almost nine out of ten, in the big Pulse poll which was featured on its main news bulletin Sky with Sia Kosioni, say that accuracy and price increases concern them a lot (63%) and somewhat (23%). In fact, almost half say that The food it is the category of family expenses that worries them the most.

At the same time, according to the poll, the citizens are worried about developments in the Middle East with 84% to state that developments concern them “a lot” (57%) or “somewhat” (27%).

The same poll confirms it political dominance of the New Democracy which in the voting intention with distribution of undecideds the difference with SYRIZA is at 21.5%: SYRIZA remains the second party, but both PASOK-KINAL and KKE are getting stronger. The citizens who took part in the Pulse survey, however, judge negatively the initiatives of the new president of SYRIZA, Stefanos Kasselakis, in the internal party field: 58% answer “rather negative” and “definitely negative”, while 25% answer that they judge his internal party actions “definitely positive” and “probably positive”. According to the poll, however, more than half believe that the creation of a new party “to the left of SYRIZA” is likely, while from the developments in SYRIZA, 31% believe that PASOK will benefit in the future

See the poll tables in detail:

When asked how concerned you are with accuracy and price increases, 63% answer “a lot”, 23% “somewhat”, 9% “moderately”. It is characteristic that only 2% of the respondents answer that accuracy is of little concern, little if at all.” According to the findings of the research, citizens aged 30-60, heads of families who face the most expenses, are more concerned about accuracy. In fact, when asked which of your family’s expenditure categories worries you the most today, 46% answered food, 23% electricity, 17% for natural gas or oil for heating, 9% for fuel.

exact ages

accuracy- food

Developments in the Middle East

However, with particular concern, citizens follow what is happening in the Middle East, with 84% declaring that developments concern them “a lot” (57%) and “somewhat” (27%).

Middle East

The developments in SYRIZA

SYRIZA’s internal parties, however, “divide” the respondents in the Pulse poll, since only 5% state that they face the developments with satisfaction and 15% with interest. “with concern”, 25% answer that they see what is happening in the official opposition, while 17% say neutral and 34% indifferent – which is the answer that gathers the largest percentage.

syriza- stop

More clear, however, is the attitude of the citizens towards the recent intra-party actions and initiatives of Stefanos Kasselakis: 58% judge these actions negatively, while 25% judge them positively – 17% declare that they do not respond or have no opinion on issue.

treasurer evaluation

Almost 2 in 10 (19%) consider the creation of a new party to the left of SYRIZA very likely, while 34% consider it quite likely and 16% moderately likely. The formation of a new party to the left of SYRIZA is considered by 21% of the respondents to be somewhat unlikely.

new party

To the question of which party will benefit in the future from the recent developments in SYRIZA, the answer that collects the largest percentage (31%) is PASOK, followed by ND (23%), SYRIZA (15%) KKE (9%):


Voting intention

The political dominance of the ND, however, is also highlighted in this Pulse poll, since in the voting intention (with all the answers) the ruling party appears strengthened by one unit in relation to the corresponding September survey, while SYRIZA appears to decrease by two points: from 17% to 14%. PASOK also appears strengthened by two units and KKE by one unit.

voting intention, all responses

In the voting intention with undecided distribution scenario, the difference between ND and SYRIZA is 21.5 percentage points:

voting intention, distribution of undecideds

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