The bill for the new system of selection of public administrations was passed by a majority in the competent committee of the Parliament, in the articles and in its entirety, with the Minister of the Interior, Niki Kerameos, inviting the parties to take a clear position against the legislation “which leads in departisanship and depoliticization” of the public administration and to declare itself ready for further improvements. Only the ND voted for the bill. SYRIZA, KKE and Niki voted against it, while PASOK-KINAL, the Hellenic Solution, the “Spartians” and Pleussi Eleftherias reserved their position during the debate in the plenary session of the Parliament.

According to tomorrow’s debate on the bill in plenary, they are expected to take the floor, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and political leaders.

“We are here to improve it and we are constantly improving it, we will improve it until the last minute. But the parties must face their responsibilities and take a clear position, explain to the Greek people why they are reacting to a skills test, why they are reacting to the increased requirement for relevance of work experience and degree to the advertised position” said Ms. Kerameos , as the parties were critical of individual regulations and questioned whether the objective of the meritocracy of the governors’ choices is being achieved, while the SYRIZA rapporteur, Rallia Christidou, found that there is no intention on the part of the government to make substantial changes to the bill.