“In the midst of everything that is happening around us, everything where sailing is competing, we also have to deal with the gross immorality of 2 people who are stealing the seats of sailing that do not belong to them and to this day do not have the due dignity to hand back the seats to our movement they” Zoe Konstantopoulou, who yesterday gave an ultimatum of two days to surrender their parliamentary seats, said in her statements in the peristyle, the now independent MPs of Plefsis Eleftherias, Michalis Khourdakis and Areti Papaioannou.

“We are talking about a mother and a son. The mother knows that the position given to her was honorary and not elective, she knows that she has signed her surrender at all times precisely because she was not at all sure of her competence or staying in office, and the son also knows that she has agreed to the surrender of the headquarters at any time requested. As for me, my word is a contract, everyone knows that and we have to deal with 2 people whose words or signatures do not count. I wonder how they move around in society and how they look the citizens in the eyes, we ask and demand and they have one more day to hand over the seats of the cruise. One more day to save whatever shreds of dignity they have left. The citizens who have trusted the sailing know that I am determined to defend them to the end, and they know that in the face of such attitudes they will find walls.

Mrs. Papaioannou was placed second, i.e. in an honorary, non-electoral position in B Thessaloniki. When the seats were redistributed, the movement had to reorganize, a man with a great soul and wisdom Mr. Zacharopoulos surrendered his seat. Mrs. Papaioanou signed a statement and I wonder if some people don’t understand how unethical it is in which she assures that she is putting her resignation at my disposal.

It is a responsible statement by Mr. Panagiotou, we made it public in other countries, ministers resign if they are caught lying. Here we have a man who admits that he signed an affidavit seeking to defraud and usurp a seat. This in Plevisi is not tolerated” concluded Zoi Konstantopoulou.