He was strongly critical PASOK parliamentary representative Mr. Michalis Katrinis towards the government, pointing out that day by day it acquires more and more harsh regime characteristics that are not consistent with a modern European country.

He pointed out that the narrative that ‘the New Democracy government has not imposed new taxes’ has collapsed with the new self-employed tax system.

Presumptive taxes, such as those levied by the government on self-employed people horizontally, do not apply in any other European country and are essentially imposed to cover the government’s inability to deal with tax evasion.

“You had a hidden agenda, which you hid before the elections. More than a month ago, the Deputy Minister of Finance, Mr. Theocharis, announced changes to the taxation of freelancers. On September 28, the government spokesman reportedly “cleared” him, saying that his view is far from the government’s economic policy. Less than a month passed and yesterday the new taxes were announced, horizontal head taxes for all self-employed people. This is your credibility. Your denials or commitments are worth less than the paper they are written on.” stressed Michalis Katrinis

He pointed out that the government targets everyone without exception, the freelancers, but avoids touching the multinational and intra-group transactions that drive up prices and wipe out profits for transnational partners of local dealers.

He even called on the Minister of Finance to make public the individual tax solutions with the multinationals during the New Republic’s government term from 2019 until now. Which were done, in what amount, in detail, “so that the Greek citizens and mainly the self-employed professionals will understand which government they are dealing with, although they will now understand it in the new liquidations,” as Mr. Katrinis said. .

At the same time, responding to what the Minister of Finance said about tax evasion, Michalis Katrinis called on the government to say 4 years ago in the field of tax evasion, mentioning at the same time that in the draft budget, zero revenues have been calculated for 2024 from the fight against tax evasion.

The government’s failure to tackle tax evasion is evidenced by the relationship between indirect and direct taxes, the ratio of which has worsened.

State revenues rely on indirect taxes for 65%, if property taxes are also included, when 10 years ago the corresponding percentage was less than 54%. And of course, the continued increase in indirect taxes is also fueled by accuracy, about which the government whistles nonchalantly. Until today you ruled with lies. You are very much laughed at if you think you will continue to rule with lies. PASOK, ladies and gentlemen of the governing majority, will continue to highlight all that bothers you and exposes you” stressed Michalis Katrinis.