“The agricultural world is affected by the serious mistakes, negative choices and inadequacies of the government in agricultural policy”, said the president of the Parliamentary Group of SYRIZA-PS, Socrates Famous during his visit to OPEKEPE, which he added “is clearly demonstrated in the last problematic payment of agricultural subsidies which has upset all farmers”.

After the meeting with the management and employees of the organization, Mr. Famellos noted that the visit shows the interest of SYRIZA and added: “I want to make it clear that during the SYRIZA government we ensured the timely and transparent process of subsidies, so that every farmer can do his planning and there is a support of the primary sector and the professionals of the sector. On the part of SYRIZA PS, we must make it clear that the political leadership of the Ministry of Rural Development under the Mitsotakis government bears very serious responsibility for the incomplete negotiation they did for the new CAP, but also for the insufficient information to the agricultural world about the conditions and developments that deals with. The features of the financing, i.e. the amount of subsidies being reduced, but also the change in the rules, have been hidden from the farmers. This was done to maintain the pre-election atmosphere».

Mr. Famellos asked that “measures be taken by the government, so that there is a clear and unambiguous support for the agricultural world, and this is not ensured by its choices. We definitely need a review of the national plan and information to the agricultural world, which the government does not do, but throws the ball in the platform many times, because the current minister also wants to hide his responsibilities”.

He turned against Mr. Avgenakis Saying that “for other issues he knows how to take direct initiatives. Such as the blackmail he did to the producers of Thessaly in view of the second round of the self-governing elections to support Mr. Agorastos».

In closing, he noted that “We want an immediate proposal for the reformation of the strategic plan, but also the real strengthening of OPEKEPE. The government must give answers”.

The president of the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group was accompanied by the head and deputy head of Rural Development, Vassilis Kokkalis, and Giorgos Papailiou, as well as Olympia Teligioridou, former Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food, and Fotis Kourebes from the Department of Agricultural Policy of SYRIZA-PS.