An attack on the opposition parties for their attitude towards the bill for the new system of selection of administrations in the public sector, which was passed by a majority by the Plenary of the Parliament, is launched by circles of the Ministry of the Interior.

They point out that the results of the article-by-article voting of the bill “expose the opposition parties and highlight the sterile micro-political tactics with which they have chosen to politicize, against the course that the government has set in the direction of de-partisanship of the state”.

They mention the following as indicative “black” points of the opposition’s attitude:

– Submission of the process of selecting administrations of public bodies to ASEP: All opposition parties voted No.

– Strict conditions for participation in the selection process: The opposition parties voted against (No to the Higher Education degree, No to knowledge of a foreign language, No to work experience and a relevant degree), except for the Hellenic Solution and Freedom of Navigation who voted “present”.

– Written test/skills test: Only PASOK and Freedom Sailing voted Yes, while the Hellenic Solution voted “present”, the rest No.

– Obligation to submit annual action plans (which include, for example, planning with new actions, innovations, structural changes, new projects and in general actions to improve the operation of the legal entity) by the Managements of the Bodies: SYRIZA, PASOK, KKE, SPARTATES and NIKI voted against the obligation to submit the action plans

– Annual evaluation of the leaders: All parties voted No except for the Hellenic Solution which voted “present”.

– SYRIZA voted No to all the articles concerning the new system of selection and evaluation of administrations of public bodies.

The same circles add: “From the above it becomes clear that the opposition envisages a state that is a pawn of the party moods of the respective government, without objective and transparent criteria in the selection process for important positions of responsibility, without evaluation, without a motivation system and without a written procedure that is carried out under ASEP, among others. It is also clear that they want a state where a vulcanizer owner will be able to manage a critical health facility, a hospital, with the sole qualification of his party identity” and they point out:

“However, it is equally clear that the government of the New Democracy adds filters of meritocracy and objectivity for a better and more meritocratic State in serving the citizen”.