The Minister of Education, Religions and Sports, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, met today with members of the presidium of the Central Jewish Council, “on the occasion of a recent announcement by OLME regarding the events in the Middle East”, as he states in a related post.

“For us, the role of the school is to cultivate the values ​​of humanity, democracy, responsibility towards fellow human beings, dialogue and respect for diversity. It is not to encourage the free thinking of students nor to single them out based on gender, origin, religion or any other element of identity. Sure, too it is not to distinguish the victims of terrorism or a war into innocent and guilty” underlines and adds:

“Anti-Semitism – and any form of blind bigotry – is against the values ​​we serve, that is why the Ministry of Education, Religion and Sports is already in the process of implementing a national plan to combat it, as it has already been announced in the program statements.

The vast majority of teachers and professors strive for a better schoolfor an open school, free from party concepts and practices and above all from the logic and vocabulary of yesterday. We are on the side of all of them, and we provide them with support in the difficult work they are doing”.