We all have days when we just don’t want to work. We feel that we are working without motivation, without inspiration and maybe we are a little “burned out”. The first thing to recognize is that you are not alone. In fact, a Gallup study found that only 15% of employees feel engaged in their work. Before we really get into this, let’s establish one thing. There’s a huge difference between saying something like, “I don’t want to work today” and “I don’t want to work at all anymore.”.

I have lost the meaning of my role

It’s easier than you think to get away from what you’re doing. Maybe the pandemic has dramatically changed your role. This can happen when your work starts to lose its boundaries, and you can’t think straight. This can also happen when you have spent many years at a particular company or in a particular role. This is a good time to remind you of an important thing: your career is not your whole life. Your career is something you should build step by step and be proud of. It remains a part of your life, not the whole of it.

I achieved my goal and now I feel nothing

Do you set big goals? Perfect! Do you achieve them? Even better! Sitting in the wake of your accomplishments is supposed to be incredible. It’s supposed to be “the moment.” You’re supposed to brag, collect praise, and feel absolutely almighty. So what happens when you achieve your goal and it feels more like a hit? We live in a culture where we feel like we always have to strive for the next big thing. We work hard to get it, feel nothing, and repeat the process. This is the moment we are lost.

I hate my job and all my co-workers

If you hate everything about your job, you’re not alone. It’s horrible to be stuck in a workplace and feel unable to move. However, many people find themselves in positions where they can’t quit – even if it’s obvious they should. Here’s the thing. It is easy for us to cry out, “Give up your work! It will save your life!” The truth is that everyone experiences different situations. Everyone has different reasons why they might be stuck in a job they absolutely hate or sitting next to co-workers and bosses they might despise.

I have lost all my inspiration

You may have lost inspiration for a variety of reasons, so let’s focus on the “why.” Here are some questions to ask yourself to figure out why your inspiration tank has run dry: When was the last vacation day I went on that I really disconnected from? Am I sufficiently recognized? Have I experienced any development in the last six months? The last year? Does my work still align with my values? Do I need more support? Do I need more demanding work? Should we, as a group, change the way we do things? Inspiration comes and goes – that’s just the way it is! However, if you feel a loss of inspiration that’s more like a warning sign, you know it’s more than a … phase that will pass.

I am burnt out

If you’ve been “burnt”, you know it. A common misconception about burnout is that it only happens to those of us who work in high-stress jobs. Burnout is a real diagnosis recognized by the World Health Organization. Sin fact, studies have shown that 77% of employees feel burned out in their current job.

I don’t want to go back to the office

If you’ve been working remotely for a long time and have finally found your groove, you’re definitely not alone. The workforce has changed as many workers have turned to remote work due to a lack of other options in 2020. The expectation that everyone will have to turn on-site has caused confusion and increased resentment. And how could this not have happened, when the return to the offices came at the moment when people were comfortable with the remote version?