“There is a concern that has been expressed publicly. The main question asked yesterday at the event was whether there is room for the renewal and radical left and I personally answer in the affirmative. There is space. SYRIZA, because it started as a meeting place of different currents of the Left, without necessarily ideological unity, we can at our conference agree and synthesize these differences”, said Dionysis Teboneras, a member of the political secretariat of SYRIZA, to SKAI and the program SIMERA.

“The battle must be fought within SYRIZA,” he added.

“The question of deletions can be downgraded”

Regarding the deletions, he emphasized: “The issue of deletions can be downgraded. There is a procedural issue anyway. It’s an opportunity for concessions to be made and tones to be lowered. It’s a bad image that comes out, we have to go to the next day and focus on the political issues.”

“Characterizations don’t help anyone at all,” he commented. “The left has experienced splits in the past and this has shown that these events are not conducive to the overall project.”

“Creating a new party is not my first choice”

“Creating a new party is not my first choice, under any circumstances. There is room to still fight it out for collective decisions. However, if the collective decisions do not include us, from then on everyone can make their own.”

“In times of crisis what ensures us is our collective culture and our collective decisions, this helps us and I support it. Yesterday I heard more of an anxiety expressed about the future, a reflection and not so much a complaint”.

Regarding Stefanos Kasselakis, he stated:We have an elected leadership, it needs an adjustment period. We are not jumping into the void, there is a political plan with adjustments and a different orientation.”

“A split does not serve at this time and I believe that this perspective favors the political dominance of the New Democracy,” said Mr. Teboneras.

Finally, regarding the scenario of the unit, Mr. Teboneras stated that “We must go out with a common line that we will observe and preserve”