The defeat of Hamas must be political and not only military, Hamas must be destroyed, the Minister of Immigration, Dimitris Kairides, told SKAI.

He also pointed out that the trisection of Europe on the question of Palestine is not an effective policy.

Referring to Greek-Turkish relations, Mr. Kairides underlined that we have an understanding with Turkey on migration and there is already a large decrease in flows continuously and more since the end of September as in October we had a decrease of 43% and in November he estimated that the drop in migration flows would exceed 70%.

However as he said he would we have to be careful.

However, he added that the Turkish security authorities are cooperating in a way they did not until yesterdayand they have also controlled the Evros, the land border and the Aegean which is also difficult.

Our effort is to disseminate the Greek-Turkish approach as we are on our way to the Summit to be held in Thessaloniki on December 7th.