The representative of SYRIZA gives an answer to Pavlos Marinakis with her statement Gifts Augeri. More detail:

“The image of a totally divided ND was tried in vain by the government representative, after yesterday’s contradictory presence of the prime minister at the event in honor of Kostas Simitis, after he had previously attended an event in memory of Marietta Giannakou, with Kostas Karamanlis as the main speaker.

In fact, when asked about the ND’s criticism of Costas Simitis, the government representative urges us to look to the future. At the same time that he recommends the Leader of the Opposition Officer to read a story about who bankrupted the country! Probably Mr. Marinakis needs to read the history of the debts of the parties that bankrupted the country and brought so much suffering to the people.

The government spokesman hastened once again to support the government’s choice to target the Independent Authorities investigating the wiretapping scandal, defending the Prime Minister’s statement from the floor of Parliament, that the president of ADAE is setting “his own agenda”.

In as many events for the “modernization” of the country as Kyriakos Mitsotakis attends, it is certain that the staff parastatal of surveillance that has been set up and tries to protect it from any control, does not promote either the progress or the convergence of the country with European values of the Republic and the rule of law.

After all, as the government representative said, on the occasion of the Kasselakis-Androulakis meeting, “we are watching everything”. We know that, Mr. Marinaki…”.

Earlier, Mr. Marinakis had stated:

“I am not even the press representative of the former prime minister, but in response to what Mr. Kasselakis said, let him read a little history to see what happened in 2015 and learn about the third and unnecessary memorandum, he said and added that as there is continuity in the state there is and the parties. “Mr. Kasselakis did not establish a new political organization. The party in which he was elected with a large percentage pre-existed. Before Mr. Kasselakis talks about debt, he should read recent history before analyzing the older one.”