The rift inside SYRIZA is deepening just before the crucial meeting of the Central Committee next Sunday after and the intention expressed by George Stathakis to leave the party. Barring a shocking twist, the split will take place at the weekend meeting with “Umbrella” of Euclid Tsakalotos to leave the party as everything shows.

Using particularly harsh language, former minister Giorgos Stathakis announced his intention to leave the party, saying that the Left has no place in the Kasselakis-Pappas-Polaks party and describing the SYRIZA president as an “apolitical fluid figure”.

At the same time, the close associate of Stefanos Kasselakis, Pavlos Polakispicked up the gauntlet, and ironically used song lyrics to answer George Stathakis

“To the repeated vile characterizations of me and others I will not respond now, not because I cannot properly put you in your place, but because it is obvious that all you want after your defeat in the presidential elections is to harm SYRIZA -PS! That’s how much you are” wrote stop facebook features.

However, the contentious issue that dynamizes the climate inside SYRIZA it is that of deletions as on the one hand there are the hard-liners who ask the president of SYRIZA to move forward with the issue and on the other hand those who ask him to take a step back.

At the same time, the Prefectural Committee of North Athens is calling for its impeachment Elena Akritas in Disciplinary because in the administrative elections he publicly supported the ND mayoral candidate in the area of ​​Psychiko.

Dragasaki letter to appease the spirits

The difficult and critical moments that the official opposition is going through are reflected in the letter – manifesto sent by Yiannis Dragasakis. As revealed by SKAI in the main news bulletin, Yannis Dragasakis is trying with this particular letter to “put out the fire” at the last minute by making a dramatic appeal for a truce and proposing a road map out of the crisis

Yannis Dragasakis mentions in his letter, among other things, that “the party is declared in a “state of emergency”” and asks to set up: a small-member, informal center of responsibility – representative of the composition of the party – which supervises the strict observance of the agreed measures.

He also points out in relation to the elections that the result of the procedures cannot be disputed and requests the withdrawal of the cancellations that have been announced.