Several citizens make complaints to SKAI regarding the flows of immigrants to Rhodes. In fact, video shows that dozens of migrants have arrived in the center of the city.

The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Dimitris Kairidis, speaking to SKAI on Thursday morning, stated that “this is an issue that does injustice to the island of Rhodes and will be dealt with immediately in the coming days.”

“Yesterday 300 migrants left and today another 300 will move in,” he added

“The Ministry of Immigration and Asylum has allocated all the necessary positions to resolve this problem as well” he explained and added that “Rhodes does not have a structure because in the past it did not have a problem with flows”.

“About 800 people left last week. These flows are not current, they did not come yesterday, they are people who came a few months ago and suddenly appear in the central squares of the city. They lived in rented rooms, maybe they worked and now at the end of the period they show up”.

“Indeed there is better cooperation with the Turkish side”

Regarding the situation in Evros, he said: “In the north, the port and the police are doing their job well and indeed there is better cooperation with the Turkish side”.

“Traffickers have moved south, especially to the southern islands and there the coast guard has concentrated by transporting boats”