“Tell Mr. Georgiadis that the crime of Tempe is a personal matter for all Greek men and women,” said the president of the Freedom Movement, Zoe Konstantopoulou, in her intervention in the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

“Mr. Georgiadis apologized for what he said about Tempi, but we will do him a favor by inviting him to come to the Parliament to answer the issues that concern the citizens,” said Zoe Konstantopoulou and added: “Seasonal firefighters fall on fire, literally, we owe them the saving of forests, human lives, property, animals. Many have been lost in these battles. But the government keeps them as seasonal, as if they are useless for the whole year and useful only for one semester. You dare to have 2,500 seasonal firefighters, at the same time you trumpet that there is a climate crisis and blame it for all the ills from which the citizens have not yet recovered, whether we are talking about the fires or the floods, and which are also due to you criminal responsibilities”, said the president of Freedom Sailing and added: “These people are the most trained staff we have. You advertise for 700 positions while there are 3,500 vacancies in the fire department. And from those 700 positions you exclude 2,500 seasonal firefighters, trained people and family heads, with the age limit you set. Tell this to Mr. Georgiadis that they concern not only 2,500 families, but the entire society that does not want our cities to drown and does not want our forests to burn.”

Commenting on the statements of the Minister of Labor and Social Security about Tempi, the President of Freedom of Sailing said: “Tell Mr. Georgiadis that the crime of Tempi is a personal matter for all Greek men and women, because young children have been lost due to the criminal policy that it was followed by your government and the previous ones, and in the position of these children we could all be”.

Freedom Sailing, said Zoe Konstantopoulou, will of course support the proposal of an inquiry committee for Tempi.

“The number of MPs we have does not allow us to submit our own proposal. We will support the proposal of the KKE, as we support and request the establishment of a preliminary investigation committee, because there are elements of criminal responsibility that should not be allowed to expire. Let Mr. Georgiadis and Mr. Mitsotakis know that accountability is a matter that concerns all citizens,” he said.

As the phrase “the people have decided” was heard from the seats of the ND, the President of Plevsis Eleftherias said, addressing the seats of the majority: “if you think you will use the vote of the citizens to wash away your responsibilities, don’t do it because the arrogance will lead you where it led the previous ones.”

Mrs. Konstantopoulou also mentioned the issue of auctions. The president of Plefsis Eleftherias read a letter from a borrower who had mortgaged his house, first residence, for business activity affected by the financial crisis. His house was auctioned and two days ago he was served a document with the warning, on behalf of the bailiff, that he may be evicted in the next few days, even though he is currently 74 years old. “You should inform Mr. Georgiadis that they concern the citizens, such as the Swiss franc borrowers,” said the president of Plefsis Eleftherias.

Referring to the bill, Mrs. Konstantopoulou reserved a distinct reference to article 17 on electricity, saying that it “constitutes an insult to the expectation of citizens to get rid of the anxiety if they will be able to meet the bills”.

“Public goods, such as electricity and water, must remain under public control and under no circumstances may the supply of public goods of survival, electricity and water, be interrupted,” said Ms. Konstantopoulou and underlined that “it is another matter of claiming debts and another issue is cutting off electricity and water, actions that should be prohibited”.