Politicians should be in society without warning, pointed out the President of SYRIZA – PS, Stefanos Kasselakis, speaking to citizens in Kalamata, who were positively surprised by his unplanned visit and his contact with them.

“It’s very easy to shut yourself in the offices, we have to be outside,” added Stefanos Kasselakis, who found time and again the pleasant surprise of the people for this unmediated contact.

“I came for you, the party belongs to the people. If we don’t go out, with the president first of all, who will?” he told the assembled citizens.

Earlier, from MegalopolisStefanos Kasselakis, who, according to SYRIZA-PS sources, spoke to people in the city market about the economic and political situation, as the citizens experience it – said: “A party that does not listen to its base has no right to be a party of power. We need to move forward, responding to people’s concerns about the stagnation of the Left and internal party processes.”