“What is happening in SYRIZA has to do with its overall course in recent years, both from the time it was in the Government, and from the time it was in the Opposition. A course of alienation from things that concern society, the citizen. We were saying that they are stuck in a past that has passed irretrievably and they cannot coordinate with the world we live in and that is coming”, he said to SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with Giorgos Autias. the Minister of Citizen Protection, Yiannis Oikonomou.

“Toxicity, aphorisms, generalizations, fairy tales, instrumentalization of assumptions. These are not political platforms that can take you forward. They pay for mistakes basically, fundamentally, at the level of politics. They think that they can fix them with an image business, seduction, cenology, abusive and disparaging content for political opponents, parliamentarians, with an apotheosis of lifestyle and image. People are suspicious. I am not happy with what is happening in SYRIZA. It is not good for the Republic that things happen which are not serious, they are dissolving for the main pillars. The main cause is the policy deficit”, added Mr. Economou.

On the occasion of the developments in the Middle East and the possibility of a terrorist act, Mr. Economou emphasized: “We are obliged to be vigilant. What is happening in the Middle East intensifies the concern about events that may cause incidents, instability, not only in Greece but also everywhere in Europe. We’ve stepped up surveillance on potential targets, we’ve stepped up intelligence-sharing efforts. We don’t have any indication at the moment, but we are trying to be as vigilant as possible.”

As Mr. Economou pointed out, the government is working on a “plan for the arrangement of forces to strengthen visible policing. Crime indicators show that we are doing much better than in the past,” he said.