ND: This is the 13 fake news of SYRIZA about the works in Mati that is voting against


THE ΝΔ via 13 fake news of SYRIZA with reference to Eye and reconstruction projects in the region, as highlighted in a ruling party press release, attempt to disprove the official opposition’s allegations.

Detailed 13 fake news of SYRIZA according to ND:

1. The Government changed the agreement with the Republic of Cyprus since there was an agreement that the donation of 11 million euros be allocated for a hospital and not houses in the area affected by the deadly fires of 2018
The reality is that the Government not only did not change the agreement with Cyprus on where the money will be allocated but had to reheat this intention of the Republic of Cyprus because a long time had passed without any planning by the SYRIZA Government. The consultation, which SYRIZA claims existed, was neither known to the Government nor the research carried out to make the best use of the donation identified any special need for a hospital in the area.

2. There is no picture of what the money of the Special Eye Account has become
The reality is that the account today has a balance of 24.4 million euros. As of July 18, 2019, 821,000 euros have been allocated for the payment of 11 studies, which were assigned to the Technical Chamber of Greece for the implementation of the Special Spatial Plan (SPS). Also, 550,000 euros covered compensations for the restoration of space and legal fencing of the fire victims and finally 6.2 million euros covered the costs of implementation of the Urban Implementation Plan by the TEE.

3. There is no Special Urban Plan (ESP), which the Government had promised to be ready in a year, so without it we can not discuss either a road plan or housing
The reality is that the Government has kept its commitment. The EPS has already been drawn up. The assignment of the EPS was made to the TEE and after a great consultation it was finalized and sent for control of the P.D. in ΣτΕ. Also, the Special Spatial Area has been completed and the Implementation Plan is in progress.

4. The Road Plan has started without the issuance of the PD.
The reality is that the Road Plan and the Implementation Act have been drafted for the area of ​​application of the housing rehabilitation program only, to save time in the implementation of the program. Nevertheless, a condition for the posting of the Local Road Plan is the approval of the PD for the EPS Mati.
The RFE will be completed within 2022 and the tender for the design-construction of houses will be completed in the first half of 2023

5. We do not know what the places are for the houses and for the forest recreation
The total area for the development of the housing rehabilitation program amounts to 17,747 sq.m., of which 13,481 sq.m. are municipal areas of the Municipality of Rafina that were granted for the implementation of the program and 4,266 sq.m. resulting from land contributions attributed by 6 private properties.
The forest recreation area is – as everyone knows and as was the constant request of the locals – the former NAT camps.

6. The area for forest recreation is related to the recent photographic legislation
The reality is that the regulation was not photographic, because it simply did not hide to what extent it concerned but it is really recent and needed because this forest area is owned by EFKA and will be granted for a long time to the Greek State which after restoring its character and limited activities that can be developed in it, will attribute it to the Municipality of Marathon within the boundaries of which it is located. The area not only does not lose its forest character, but on the contrary the increased protection that implies its characterization as a forest recreation area (limited uses) is ensured.

7. Residents and municipalities are not aware of the two projects
The reality is that they are obviously aware. The municipal council of Rafina even approved the concession of the municipal area for the construction of houses while the return of the former NAT camps to the municipality was a constant request of the residents of the wider area and during the SYRIZA days.

8. No government official has visited the affected area
The reality is completely different as the political leadership of RIS has regular visits to the region and contacts with the bodies for their information, as well as the Ministry of Infrastructure that supervises the preliminary rehabilitation projects, while more frequent visits are made by other government officials. All the relevant ministries listen to the needs and problems of the people of the affected area and try systematically and methodically to definitively heal the wounds of the fire, giving a reborn whole area. If now SYRIZA rebukes us because we do not walk and talk there once a week, as you did, we prefer to do projects and not waste our time with words.

9. All relevant studies conducted during SYRIZA were annulled
The reality is that in the Government of N.D. no study and no plan was delivered which means that no preparation had been done or had been done and the previous Government hid it. Deliveries – receipts to the ministries have this utility, but SYRIZA was in a hurry to return to the ease of inexpensive criticism and did not deliver anything before leaving.

10. There are scholars working on architectural designs today who do not know who pays them and how they have been selected
The reality is that there are no architects working on architectural plans. There is a Forester-researcher who prepares with voluntary / free participation the planting study in the former NAT camps.

11. The Government in its planning left out areas such as Provalinthos and Ampeloupoli
The fact that these areas could not be included, as everyone knows they are forested.

12. The forest recreation area will operate at night as well, contrary to the forest legislation
The reality is that the forest recreation area will operate according to the strict rules laid down for these areas and will obviously not operate at night.

13. There are questions about the procedure to be followed, the amounts to be covered by the Greek State and who is responsible for coordinating the government project.

The reality is that the design-construction of the houses will be done through a tender and the cost will be covered by the Republic of Cyprus through its donation. If the amount is not enough, the excesses will be covered by the Special Assistance Account. The Minister of State acts as the person in charge of informing the Republic of Cyprus, according to the provisions of the Convention, while the RIS is responsible for the implementation of the projects.

But because the SYRIZA asks questions easily, maybe he should give some answers.

1. Why, a year after the fire, they handed over a plot of land full of flammable material next to the residential area, the locally called gunpowder depot of Marathon?

2. Why did they not ensure that the EOPYY recognizes the need to provide the materials needed by the burn victims for their rehabilitation and which are not common medicines and to cover them completely?

3. Why were the asbestos and demolition collection and collection work not prioritized?

4. Why did they not carry out basic checks in defense of public money, as a result of which in the Army camps (and to cover all their expenses) people who were not entitled to it or others who at the same time received rent or hospitality allowances from the State?

5. Why did they not settle the small administrative problems that existed and did not allow the collection of widow’s pensions or other benefits from people who were entitled to them?

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