Video shock: Tug-of-war clash in London bus


Shock has been caused by a video of a fierce fight between young people with a machete, an iron bar and a sword inside a London bus, which has been circulating the internet for the last few hours.

According to Standard, the bloody incident occurred at rush hour on the second floor of bus 109.

A passenger on the bus, recorded in a video the young people fighting face to face in front of the passengers, who, unable to react, were watching the incident in fear.

The incident lasted about five minutes.

The two young men had their facial features covered and were wearing flyer jackets.

Police are conducting an investigation and are expected to request closed circuit material from the bus company.

A police spokesman said: “Police were called at 4:41 pm on Thursday, February 3, with reports of a bus collision in the area of ​​Telford Avenue, SW2. Police arrived at the scene but all those involved had disappeared. No injuries or arrests were reported while investigations continue. “

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