The need for further staffing of the Competition Commission in order to bring significant benefits to consumers through market regulation was emphasized by the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis after the visit he made there today.

“Another visit to another Independent Authority that is understaffed. In this particular case 60% understaffed despite the high training required for its work and despite the extremely high performance of the work of the Competition Commission which brings a very high return to the consumer and the taxpayer”, he underlined, speaking of a whole “chain of inefficient state” and citing ASEP as an example and that “no announcements are made”, as a result of which the “oligopolies” operate “without barriers”.

“It is clear that the people who work here are making a heroic effort on low wages to bring as much health and regulation to the markets as possible, but they are not themselves the cause of the accuracy. The reason for the accuracy in every manifestation of the life of the Greek citizen, from fuel to food and electricity, is structural and belongs to the philosophy of government policy, which unfortunately does not intervene”, stressed Mr. Kasselakis.

“We have submitted proposals in this direction and we will submit others. But let’s be clear. The government and Mr. Skrekas cannot hide behind the very good effort these people are making here. On the contrary, if they wanted, to bring light to the market competition, they would do everything to staff the specific authority immediately and also transfer it to a building infrastructure they are looking for”, he concluded.