Dissension, disagreements, extreme characterizations, “friendly stabbings”… O SYRIZA seems to be entering a new era, with Stefanos Kasselakis attempting to shape a new landscape, in the logic of “whoever doesn’t agree, doesn’t fit into the frame”.

The question now is not if and when the official opposition party will split, as it is already happening, but how many… SYRIZA will have Parliament after the procedures are completed.

The “umbrella” group has already left, with Euclid Tsakalotos studying the next steps with his colleagues, taking his headquarters from SYRIZA, as well as Betty Perkas.

With Kasselakis’ SYRIZA is now at 45 of the 47 deputies, the next day looks completely uncertain, as on the same path of leaving Koumoundourou’s party, her team also seems to be Efis Ahtsioglou. In this particular case, however, the MPs who will… split from the SYRIZA parliamentary group, are 7.

The “fermentations” have already started for the next day, with Efi Ahtsioglou’s team also meeting on Monday morning, with the participation, in fact, according to the information, of Mr. Dragasaki.

According to estimates, the withdrawal of the Ahtsioglou group from the current SYRIZA should be considered a given, however, it will take place in a period of time that will be chosen by its members themselves. According to information, in the next few days a pan-Hellenic conference of the supporters of the Ahtsioglou team will take place, so that the forces can be measured and what will happen next.

The possibility of “uniting” the Ahtsioglou group with his “umbrella”. Euclid Tsakalotou it is possible, but under conditions. A basic condition for the “union” is to find – at least – one more member of parliament, who will leave the “patriotic left” of Stefanos Kasselakis. In this case, the two groups will complete 10 deputies and will be able to compose an “organization” in the Parliament, with all that entails.