By the end of the year, 74 nursing and other staff will be hired at the Venizelio Hospital of Heraklion, while ten doctors will also be appointed, said in his statements after a meeting in Venizelio, the Minister of Health, Michalis Chrysochoidis, who announced that they will also proceed new recruitments with a fast track process, which will be completed in three months, so in January there will be new recruitments.

“In three months, three anesthesiology positions, three radiology positions and a number of other positions are announced at Venizelioin order to cover the needs immediately, while at the same time I asked the Medical Service and the administration to immediately send me a proposal, so that in January, we can start new recruitments to cover any vacancies and any needs of the hospital” said the Mr. Chrysochoidis who underlined that in addition to the 74 nursing and other staff positions by the end of the year, the hospital will be strengthened with further staff, from the 3,000 recruitments that will be made nationwide.

“Because in politics, there is value in what we proclaim to be implementedour decision is to proceed further with the strengthening of the hospital, so that all its needs are met and at the same time with a series of other incentives which concern the medical and nursing staff of the NHS, to fill positions which are repeatedly barren and here in Crete and in other parts of the country”, pointed out Mr. Chrysochoidis.

The Minister of Health who was in Heraklion a few weeks agofocusing on the problems in the surgical field and the shortage of anesthesiologists, expressed his satisfaction as he emphasized that “the normality of the hospital in the surgical field has been restored and now there is full surgical coverage with anesthesiologists from the private sector”, adding that the executor administrator of the Efthimios Karakostas hospital, will remain until the final selection of an administrator, based on the provisions of the new law.

Mr. Chrysochoidis later today he will visit Sitia, focusing on the problems of the hospital.

“Our decision is to strengthen the hospital”

“To send a message to Sitia that our decision is to strengthen the hospitalwhich is too far away and its full operation is of vital importance for the citizens of the region”, said the Minister of Health, concluding that he will visit the hospitals often and announcing that he will also be in Rethymnon in the near future.


Among others, they participated in the meeting with Mr. Chrysochoidisthe administration of the 7th Ministry of Health of Crete, the administration of the hospital, the workers’ association and members of the three-member committee of doctors of Venizelei, as well as the regional governor of Crete Stavros Arnautakis.

In Venizelio, a protest was held by health workers and workers’ unions who they asked for substantive measures and hiring of permanent staff, inviting you to participate in the rally that will take place on November 30.