“The new leadership of SYRIZA, Mr. Kasselakis and others, they attempt to deconstruct the Tsipras presidency as well and attempt to rewrite the history of the ruling Leftof the Tsipras government, of the SYRIZA government” said the former SYRIZA minister, Andreas Xanthos, speaking to the Proto Program and Thanos Siafakas regarding why he opened an issue about the 37 billion “cushion” and underlining that it is the intention of the new president of SYRIZA to hit Mr. Tsakalotos but finally it also hits Mr. Tsipras so, he noted.

In fact, Mr. Xanthos characterized “ridiculousnesswhich except that exposes those who say it, brutally insults Tsipras himself” the theory that the fiscal policy of the SYRIZA government was made by himself and without asking anyone and without the Prime Minister’s knowledge, the Minister of Finance, requesting “to end this nonsense» speaking of elements of revanchism and intolerance.

“The fiscal obligations of the country imposed this choice and it was the only option to get the country out of the prolonged crisis” he emphasized regarding the actions of the government at the time, while when asked whether Alexis Tsipras should also answer or not he spoke of “a course of degeneration and decline of a party, which had a historical path which obviously had its difficulties and problems, but had also found, with the catalytic presence of Alexis Tsipras, a framework of coexistence, mutual concessions, synthesis and common ground” clarifying that “this box no longer exists, because the new Kasselakis leadership because it is a foreign body to the Left and to the political system of the country, he has neither the competence, nor the knowledge, nor the ability to promote policies of composition and solidarity within the party, but selects an internal enemy questlinetargeting opponents and one anti-democratic descentwhich was privately revealed to the Central Committee last weekend.”

In addition, he added that Mr. Kasselakis found himself politically completely isolated, while as he pointed out “the critical members of the presidential majority are Mrs. Svigou, Mr. Vassiliadis, Mrs. Gerovasilis, Mr. Flambouraris, Mrs. Xenogiannakopoulou, Mr. Ragousis, Mr. Zachariadis, Mr. Dragasakis and many others openly expressed their disagreement with the president’s handling of the disciplinary referendum.

“Mr. Kasselakis it is, along with the most intolerant, revanchistpolitically anachronistic and old-fashioned, the party had” the former minister of the party underlined at another point in his interview, adding that “we are dealing with a unarmed leadership, which no longer convinces anyone. It doesn’t convince left-wing and progressive citizens in principle. That’s why there is a domino of departureswhich as you can see is beyond the trends and beyond the groupings that existed”.

Asked about the creation of a new party, Mr. Xanthos emphasized that “the crucial thing at this stage is for the world of the Left, who had previously placed their hopes in SYRIZA, to realize that now the new leadership and the new framework in which moves is not defensible, neither in terms of the Left, nor in terms of democracy” and added that “what will arise in the future I think is the next discussion, which is not easy”. Although emphasizing that “historically, successor schemes and new parties do not always emerge from splits» clearly spoke of a political vacuum, while SYRIZA is moving to the left and shifting to the right of the political spectrum, which can be covered by an organization which will have as its project the principles and values ​​of the radical renewalist left, of the modern European Left, stressing that “this will be seen in the course of things and in the formation of the climate both within the party, but also in society”.

In fact, Mr. Xanthos spoke of distaste on the part of Kasselakis, and in fact, as he pointed out, it was even seen in the content of his speech to the Central Committee, towards anything reminiscent of the left, an organized party, with organs, with structures, with procedures, with a collective function. Malista added that “the idea is that I, the president, the ruler and the camera. Me and the unmediated relationship with the people. These are post-political, not to say it is pre-political” with Mr. Xanthos comparing it to the “eras of enlightened despotism”.

“The words piecemeal, sick party, which needs a doctor to help it are phrases that suggest an unrestrained hegemony, an authoritarianism, an arrogance and an arrogance, which is not compatible with the ethos of the Left, with the ethos of the democratic as a whole political arc” he underlined leaving an asterisk after noting that “I am afraid that it is a process which is ongoing, it has not yet acquired its final form”.

It is worth noting that Mr. Xanthos also spoke in the opinion polls, emphasizing mainly the issue of popularity and the positive opinion of President Semyonoch, that he is below Mr. Velopoulos, 6th in line, explaining that “this means that from on the one hand there is a hard, fanatical part of the party, which obviously aligns itself with the new leadership and with the “flag”, but there is also the rest of society, which forms a completely negative image. And this is, I think, the critical size, which will determine the course of things and the next polls and of course the performance in the European elections”.

Regarding the election of the new president and the people’s choice of Kasselakis, Mr. Xanthos responded with the phrase of Yiannis Dragasakis saying that “Mr. Kasselakis was elected democratically, but he is acting undemocratically” and added that “however unimaginable and paradoxical it may seem the questioning of a newly elected – and even from the grassroots – leader., for me, the possibility of a person who has nothing to do with the party, with the left, with the political system, with the society of the country is much more unimaginable and paradoxical to come to us as the Messiah and prevail in a three-week campaign. This, in my view, indicates a major crisis of representation, which first hit SYRIZA, which is the weak link in the political system at this stage, but I very much fear that this is a phenomenon of metapolitics, which they will find in front of them and other spaces and other political forces and other institutions. This means that a desperate, disillusioned world, which could not digest the defeat of SYRIZA and Tsipras, found itself attracted to a new face promising reconstruction and regaining victory.

Finally, among other things, Mr. Xanthos added that “the Kasselakis project is self-undermining, inherently, from the beginning, the problem is not the internal party opposition. First, because Mr. Kasselakis is not flesh and blood, as was Alexis Tsipras and who could ensure the consensus we were talking about before, he cannot convince the left and progressive world and he is certainly surrounded by a group which deconstructs – in essence – as a new personality every day”.

Calling it “painful that we are forced to withdraw from a political body of which we were founding members and for decades we have struggled with selflessness and dignity to support it and bring it to a position, at a critical point for society to take responsibility of the country but also to have a public debate, which is below the needs and ungrateful”.