Mr. Voridis announced the government’s pre-decided position to cover up the Tempe crime in Parliament proceedings», said Socrates Famellus in his deputation in Parliament, launching an attack on the Minister of State and the government, which he characterized as “disaster for democracy».

The president of the KO of SYRIZA-PS stated that “we will not allow this” and called on the rest of the ND forces and MPs who will participate in the Inquiry, “not to allow Mr. Voridis to stop witnesses”. “We will vote for any procedure that will produce at least one witness who will bring evidence,” he said addressing the PASOK-KINAL seats, adding that “we are not allowed to stop the possibility of even one person to say something more in the process of the Parliament, it is not allowed to spread to society a piece of candy that Mr. Voridis will take out that we refused the debate».

Mr. Voridis revealed that the ND is afraid of the truth. We are not afraid of anything, prove to the rest of us that you are not afraid of anything“, he said.

In particular, Mr. Famellos stated in his rejoinder that with his previous position, “Mr. Voridis, representing Mr. Mitsotakis, just canceled the reason we came here today. He has come to say in advance that he has decided and passed a verdict on the crime of Tempe. He said that they will not defend themselves in requests of preliminary committees, that he will not take into account the criminal file of the European Prosecutor, which has felony charges against Mr. Karamanlis.” “You rise above the European Prosecutor and become a judge at the expense of the interests of the Greek public and the ND is guided not to vote for something that the European Prosecutor says is a breach of duty and a criminal act for the management of public money,” he said, addressing Mr. Boride. “Are you not listening to the parliamentary debate we are having? We talked a lot about the bribery of the station master and his inadequacy, about the local remote control system that burned down in ’19 and you didn’t fix it, about the system in Karolou that didn’t work from ’20 onwards, about the resignation of the head of the remote control system, for the three extrajudicial… For all this you say that there is no political responsibility?“, asked.

He commented that whatever is said in the debate in Parliament, the government will belittle it, “whatever we say, you will hold a closed commission of inquiry, you will not call witnesses from the minority, you have already decided.”

You announced in advance“, he continued, “that you will reject PASOK’s proposal or even ours if it is about 717 – it will be the same about Mr. Karamanlis’ real violations -, so Mr. Voridis, in addition to being a shadow prime minister, also plays the role of a judge, predeciding on the always”. “I’m afraid that he has decided what will happen in the exam as welly”, he commented.

Addressing Nikos Androulakis, he commented that “we haven’t heard about whether you will agree to a pretrial motion for the crime.”

He said that SYRIZA is overstepping by voting for the KKE’s Examining party even though “we understand the risks of Mr. Voridis taking advantage of the Examining party, you may not want it (he said to the KKE), but he will take advantage of it, it seemed.”

But we must decide at least as a minority. Will there be a preliminary to the crime? Will you agree to the extension of 717 Mr. Androulakis? You didn’t tell us anything».

In addition, he said that the president of PASOK-KINAL is making a big mistake “trying to put Christos Spirtzis, who saved the contract, in the same frame as Mr. Karamanlis, who gave money to a consortium whose contract Mr. Spirtzis already had put under condition”.

In other words, while there were omissions found by Christos Spirtzis and he had stopped the process of implementing the contract and payments, Mr. Karamanis, according to what emerges from the European Prosecutor, is dismissed for a felony because he paid the contract that Spirtzis stopped.” He said that SYRIZA accepts to enter the preliminary period ’15-’19 and that Christos Spirtzis also accepts “because he has nothing to fear”, “but Mr. Androulakis, should we not extend the discussion back 3-4 years? It is a fair, honest proposal on the tablei”.