Last night, the president of SYRIZA – PS Stefanos Ksselakis had a meeting with the former prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, at his office on Amalias Street.

According to sources close to Alexis Tsipras, Stefanos Kasselakis called the former prime minister yesterday and asked him to meet to exchange thoughts.

Alexis Tsipras responded positively and yesterday afternoon received the new president of SYRIZA in his political office.

In the meeting which was the first after the formal election of the new president, Alexis Tsipras had the opportunity to express his concern about the ongoing tension within the official opposition.

He emphasized the great importance of SYRIZA-PS unity, both in order to mount a credible opposition to the Mitsotakis government, and in view of the upcoming European elections.

Unity that can only be preserved by faithfully following the constitution and drawing up a political plan of extroversion by the party organs that must operate without exclusions and with an inclusive attitude for all points of view.