The Ahtsioglou group is planning its next steps, after yesterday’s pan-Hellenic conference of more than 1,000 executives from all over Greece, the majority of whom were in favor of leaving SYRIZA.

The question now is not whether there will be new departures from SYRIZA, as they are considered a given, but whether the “6+6” will all leave together or whether each will decide for himself.

In any case, it is considered extremely unlikely that the “leaks” of executives and MPs from Koumundourou’s party will stop, as there seems to be nothing left that can make the symbiosis between the two sides sustainable.

The positions of both Efi Ahtsioglou and Nasos Iliopoulos at the pan-Hellenic conference are characteristic. According to what was leaked from the conference, Efi Ahtsioglou spoke of a structural gap in style, morals and political choices with the new leadership of the party, stressing that it could – the new leadership of the party – act in a different way after the internal party elections and not to make divisive choices.

Nasos Iliopoulos, for his part, reportedly expressed the opinion that SYRIZA presents a crisis with elements of dissolution, stressing that the root of this crisis is political and the new leadership group refuses to accept this and is looking for internal enemies instead of discussing its essence policy. He is said to have added that the latest attacks are creating a climate that resembles mud.

Following the conclusion of the conference, sources commented as follows:

“More than 1000 executives from all over Greece took part in today’s discussion. The common assessment is that the leadership group is responsible for SYRIZA PS facing a crisis with elements of dissolution. The root of the problem is first of all a matter of political choices and political ethos. Unfortunately the leadership team instead of allowing an open and honest discussion on this basis opts for conspiracy scenarios and personal attacks.

The situation, especially after the latest developments and the vulgar attacks, makes any attempt at understanding and discussion difficult. Under these conditions, conditions for living together with the current leadership team are not formed.

All this time we have positioned ourselves and operated based on the responsibility for the existence of the necessary leftist and progressive plan towards the policy of the ND government. This is what we will continue to do.”