To show a constructive attitude so that “just as an investor was found in ‘Malamatina’, he can also be found in the ‘Tsantalis’ winery”, recommended, addressing the KKE, the Minister of Labor and Social Security Adonis Georgiades. KKE Member of Parliament Leonidas Stoltidis, with his topical question, which was discussed in the Parliament, said that the “Tsantali” winery factory in Agios Pavlos, Halkidiki, has been closed since August, and the workers have no information about their future.

Labor Minister Adonis Georgiadis responded that the ministry has taken all the actions provided for by law and that lawsuits were filed for the cases where the company did not keep its agreements, in relation to the repayment of the workers, within a certain period of time. “From there, in order for this company to move forward, it will need to find an investor who will be able to restructure it and move it forward into the future,” said Mr. Georgiadis.

During the debate, the member of the KKE referred to the company “Malamatina”.

“You canceled the debts to the businessman, agreed a consolidation plan with the workers to preserve their working relationships and their rights to the new investor and immediately after pogrom exterminate them and their trade union organization,” said Mr. Stoltidis, referring to “Malamatina”. and added: “the Panhellenic Federation of Bottled Beverage Workers, POEEP, has made it clear that it will not accept any development at “Tsantalis” without all the workers and without all their rights, labor, salary, insurance and union.”

“Fortunately, an investor was found in “Malamatina”. The investor follows the resolution plan to the letter. The business today produces, the workers are paid and the company also exports. In other words, the “Malamatina” company, from where it was with a suspension of work, with unpaid workers, with lawsuits, is doing a job that is progressing”, replied the Minister of Labor and added: “I hope now we can do the same for “Tsantali” I I would suggest that you also contribute constructively to find an investor in “Tsantalis” and to follow the good course of “Malamatina”. I hope “Tsantalis” follows the path of “Malamatina”.