To Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ characterization of SYRIZA as a “Black Friday party, -50%” due to the departures of MPs and executives, the Socrates Famouscalling it a “cold joke”.

“It’s better to make cold jokes about Black Friday than destructive policies in Thessaly, Evros and Rhodes” said the head of the opposition party’s KO, speaking at the Plenary Session of the Parliament in the context of the debate on the climate crisis and the restoration process of the reconstruction projects of Thessaly and Evros.

“I am bringing up critical questions again because we are making proposals,” Mr. Famellos said at another point in his rebuttal to invoke NGO announcements that are against the diversion of Acheloos.

“Will you design Thessaly’s water management strategy by diverting the Acheloos?” asked Mr. Famellos and continued “the pseudo-modernizer messes with science with direct threats” commenting on the prime minister’s proposal for the active participation of all involved scientific bodies in Civil Protection instead of the Research Institute.

“What are you going to do to them? Are you going to threaten them with dry spells? As you do with teachers? These are valid, I have heard them” said the head of the SYRIZA KO.