Regarding the rejection of the proposal for the establishment of a special parliamentary committee to carry out a preliminary examination by the ND, the president of K.O. comments with his statement. of SYRIZA – PS Sokratis Famellos.

As Mr. Famellos mentions, “the ND chose to cover up Karamanli’s responsibilities by insulting justice and the truth. The New Democracy is afraid of the truth and has permanently divorced the law. This is proven by its decision to reject, only by its MPs last night, the proposals for the establishment of a preliminary examination committee to investigate the criminal responsibilities of the former Ministers of Infrastructure and Transport for the signing and execution of contract 717, for the remote management of the railway network” .

He also emphasizes that “the ND chose to ignore the criminal case file sent to the Parliament by the European Prosecutor and finds evidence of the commission of crimes of infidelity at the felony level and dereliction of duty by the former Minister of Infrastructure Mr. Karamanlis. An order that insults justice, the institutions and society’s demand for full clarification of responsibilities and comes directly from the Maximos Palace”, pointing out that: “Mr. Mitsotakis rejected the request of the relatives of the victims for answers and justice for the accident in Tempe”.

“The result of the vote also leaves unanswered, serious questions about the responsibilities of Mr. Karamanlis, who hid behind the governing majority to avoid the scrutiny of justice. If he had nothing to fear, he would have consented, like Christos Spirtzis, and would not have chosen to avoid a preliminary committee investigation where again the ND would have a majority,” added Mr. Famellos and accuses the ND of scheming and cover-up. “The strategies of the governing majority provoke public opinion as their only goal is to protect Mr. Karamanlis. But the only thing they manage to do is to leave him forever with the excuse of amnesty with a political cover-up”, he says characteristically.

“Thus, the governing majority inflicts yet another blow to the credibility of our political system and further discredits the institutions” the president of K.O. concludes in his statement. of SYRIZA.