The rule of law in Albania does not work, complained to SKAI 100.3 o Fredi Beleris through the prisons of Durres where he remains on remand.

On December 4th, after 6 months of obstruction, my application to the special court on whether I will be sworn in or not will be executed, said the elected mayor Heimarras.

The law, Mr. Beleris explained, is clear when someone has not been convicted and the decision has not become final may be sworn. For the same crime I am in pre-trial detention, while two other mayors are in office at the time there are videos and testimonies in the other two cases. One and only witness admitted to being bribed with 7,000 euros, while the police director of Himara was promoted, he noted.

“The opposition cannot perform its duties in the Parliament, there is a witch hunt on the side (Albanian) government, anyone who is not liked by Rama is persecuted at all times. There is no equality,” he pointed out.

Mr. Rama panders to other countries and is considered pro-European and modern, while 1 million Albanians have left from the country reported, calling Edi Rama “spoiled”.

“Many Albanian media supports Greece’s position. Those who support Mr. Rama are very few, and they are directed, said Fredis Beleris.

“I’m fine, I’m innocent, moved by the love of the world, and not only of Chimarriots, from all over Greece,” he stressed.