Tsipras: Mr. Mitsotakis leads 1,200 LARCO employees to dismissal and loss of housing


The President of SYRIZA PS, Alexis Tsipras, underlined the support of SYRIZA PS to the “fair request for the preservation of jobs and labor rights” of LARCO employees during the meeting he had with the Trade Unions of SYRIZA PS.

“Mr. Mitsotakis was doing better and more jobs and today he leads 1,200 LARCO employees not only to the dismissal but also to the loss of housing”, Mr. Tsipras noted characteristically, emphasizing that “this is a characteristic element of the policy of Mr. Mitsotakis and his government for the management of public enterprises “, since as he said” they do not believe in the value of public space “. “And since they do not believe, they can not manage it.”

During the meeting with the LARCO Workers’ Unions, the leader of SYRIZA PS spoke of “prescribed developments”, noting that the ND government had decided to lead to the collapse of LARCO, which is one of the most important nickel mining companies in the whole Europe, not only in Greece “, which” leads with mathematical precision to the devaluation and dissolution of the company and the employees in the dismissal, something for which we had sounded the alarm bell for a very long time “.

“I am very afraid that they are leading a company to a dead end so that not even an individual can come to keep it running,” Tsipras added, describing the “maintenance of the company’s operation and productivity as well as the” red line ” safeguarding jobs and workers’ labor rights “. In this context, he reminded that for 4.5 years this was the strategy followed by the SYRIZA government, despite the fact that the price of nickel in the period in question had fallen to one third. On the contrary, he stressed that today “the company was led to a rapid decline in revenues and disruption of its balance sheets at a time when nickel was too high.”

Finally, Mr. Tsipras stressed that “it is crucial to come up with an alternative plan to maintain the operation and productivity of the company.”

For his part, the president of the Larymna workers’ union, Panagiotis Politis stressed that “we are determined to reach the end, we have no other choice we have nowhere to go”, talking about the struggle of workers against privatization and closure of the business.

“Sterea, Kastoria, Evia will literally wither. “In this direction is our struggle for two years, together we move forward, we have overcome any ideological and political differences we have and so we will continue,” he stressed. He noted that the red lines for the employees are the guarantee of the operation of LARCO, the continuation of the productive activity and the 100% guarantee of the employees, all the obligations that the respective government has towards the employees and the guarantee of the jobs “.

At the same time, Mr. Politis accused the government that “within two years, they stripped us of everything we had the right to work, they have already impoverished us.” He said that “for the first time, 52 million euros fell from the state budget, which if they had been given to modernize, today we would not discuss whether there is a future in LARCO, it would be secured, with this money it was a good basis”.

He added that “property has already been sold with the sale of pre-existing products totaling about 100 million along with wage cuts and we have a factory demolished, mines discredited and today the government comes and tells us that it is firing us all before it even makes tenders.” “We say it clearly, we believe that LARCO is being taken for final closure,” he noted.

At the same time, he said, “it escapes us, not only those who live in the settlements. “LARCO is active in villages, it also evicts those who have a private house, leaving behind a property that we have thrown in the province, which we will not be able to rent to go and get a job somewhere else”.

He described the guarantee of the “red line” operation and noted that “we continue and we are in favor of the public”, commenting that “our fathers ‘burned’ with Bodosakis, we also blow the yogurt”.

He stressed that only the public can ensure that this company can operate for the benefit of the Greek economy. He said that at the moment prices have broken a 15-year record and that all major metal centers are talking about doubling and stabilizing. “Based on the calculations, our country can cover 20% of the needs that will be created in view of batteries. “So we are talking about a fortune,” he stressed.

Mr. Politis stated that “the interested parties already have a factory in Northern Macedonia, the ores of Kastoria are next door and the other interested party – two of the three – is playing in the energy and apparently they are not interested in its production process. LARCO ».

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