Athens is hardening its stance regarding the conditions for its integration of Albania in the European Union and the case of Fredis Beleris according to a report by Vassilis Nedos for Kathimerini.

In the framework of the meeting of the Committee of Permanent Representatives of the E.U. (COREPER), Greece filed a written statement in which it states that the issue of the swearing-in of the elected mayor of Kheimarra will be a condition for the future of Albania’s accession process to the European Union.

Furthermore, it states that henceforth for Athens the issue of Albania’s accession to the EU will be considered connected to the attitude that Tirana will show in the Beleri caseto which the Greek side considers it as evidence of a violation of the conditions which must be met by a state that is a candidate for membership in the bloc.

This statement accompanies the letter, which was approved and sent to Tirana, constituting – purely procedurally – the first step of starting negotiations with the E.U. for five fundamental chapters.

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