The postal vote faces or tries to face the increasing abstention of the last years, it comes and gives a solution to people who are several kilometers away like the residents abroad, the government representative pointed out to SKAI 100.3 Pavlos Marinakis.

“Yesterday’s announcement by the prime minister was historic, we are harmonizing with other countries initially at the level of the European elections so that I am not misunderstood, and without limitations with the law that will be passed in the new year” said Pavlos Marinakis.

See in detail the presentation of the Ministry of the Interior HERE

He noted that in addition to the financial benefit, as foreign ballot boxes are abolished, there will be no cost for the voters and as he mentioned it is fair for these people, because it is not certain that a polling center will be set up abroad as the minimum number is needed voters.

“(The postal vote) will be mandatory abroad optional internally” clarified Mr. Marinakis, adding that there will be a consultation.

The government representative, addressing the parties, added that a vote against this bill it is support for abstinence.

Referring to accuracy, Pavlos Marinakis emphasized that it is the biggest problem facing all the citizens of Greece and other countries, we are slightly below the European average.

As Mr. Marinakis said, the government deals with accuracy not with wishful thinking and button presses, but with three policy axes. The first is income increases through wage increases or through reductions in tax rates and reduced VAT, an increase in the tax rate.

Secondly, targeted interventions such as the 350 million euros for our 2.3 million fellow citizens and the measures of the Ministry of Development where we have 1,100 products at a reduced price. Third pillar, the controls on the market and the imposition of fines to crack down on profiteering.