A new letter is sent to the Scientific Council of the Parliament by the head of Freedom of Navigation and a member of the commission of inquiry for “the investigation of the crime of Tempe”. Zoe Konstantopoulou, as, as he states, “he has not received any response to the previous one”.

It is noted that based on its majority decision, the investigative committee has asked the Scientific Council to give an opinion “whether a Member of Parliament, a member of the Investigative Committee, who at the same time is an advocate for the accused or supporting the accusation in the same case that the Investigative Committee is examining , may also be a member of the Examining Committee”.

As she states in her relevant statement, Ms. Konstantopoulou “points to the non-disclosure of the members of the Scientific Council, while she herself made public that the only member of the Scientific Council specializing in criminal law has already declared abstention from the work of the Council on the previous Wednesday case of Tempe, due to the fact that he has undertaken the defense of an accused for the Crime in Tempe”.