The digital assistant of will be introduced next week, announced the Minister of Digital Governance, Dimitris Papastergiou, in his radio interview on Real fm. the digital assistant, which will help and guide the citizen to easily and quickly locate exactly what he is looking for.

As he typically said “artificial intelligence put us in another way of thinking, the one that changed our position and attitude and started our mind to ‘run’ faster was chat gtp”, while he added that artificial intelligence can help in many areas such as health, where “they can ‘run’ much faster large researches on various medical subjects, in the part of civil protection with various implemented platforms for phenomena of climate crisis, floods, the how you can combine meteorological data and have safer forecasts, in the field of education and even communication, where the big enemy is fake news, false information. We can now, with existing algorithms, detect the source of the information.”

The minister also spoke about the postal vote, describing it as “a breakthrough, which opens a new window on participation for the June 9 elections.” Mr. Papastergiou pointed out that this is the work of the Ministry of the Interior, the minister, Nikis Kerameos, and the deputy minister, Theodoros Livanios. He emphasized that “our codes with which the electoral voting process will take place will not only be the taxis usename and password, but there will be a double authentication stage that will largely prevent the misuse of codes”. Explaining the process from the moment the file arrives and the citizen votes, Mr. Papastergiou pointed out that it is possible for the citizen to track his file with a tracking system, the files cannot be opened, it will be seen if they are the file has been compromised, from the time they are opened they have been destroyed.”

Mr. Papastergiou also mentioned the digital platform for pets, which is coming in December. “It is a collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior as a continuation of the law passed in 2021 for the well-being of companion animals and the ‘ARGOS’ Program” the minister underlined and clarified that the platform will enable citizens to declare through an app if they have lost or find an animal. “All those related to this ecosystem will be registered, veterinarians, owners, shelters, animal welfare organizations and municipalities” explained the minister and added that the platform will also include the animal’s health file, but will also concern animal adoption , “how you can organize and legally follow this whole procedure to adopt a companion animal”. Finally, he concluded that “he now puts order to all this panspermia that existed in this space”.