The bad debt bill doesn’t actually even do what the EU directive directs it to do, said Socrates Famous speaking in the Parliament, accusing the government of not serving the interests of society but of the servicers and that for this reason it goes even further behind the provisions of the directive.

The problem of bad loans questions the viability of households and businesses, said the president of the KO of SYRIZA-PS, criticizing the government that the consultation it did was sham. He emphasized that SYRIZA-PS wants a debt settlement framework, but with protection of the main residence, business premises and agricultural land and for the banking system to be stable and to fuel development. “Does the bill achieve this? No, but on the contrary it fails to protect the primary residence and the viability of households and businesses,” he said.

He noted that the government is “choosing not to leverage” two important provisions of the Directive for the protection of the first residence and the regulation of loans in foreign currency, while also ignoring the Scientific Service of the Parliament. He argued that normally the debate should stop now in the Plenary since the above is not taken into account.