“The relationships between Turkey and Greece they can be better. This would be an important message for world peace and tranquility.”the mayor of the city Ekrem Imamoglouin interview which he granted on ERT.

Specifically, for the Greece’s relations with Turkey and on whether he believes there is a future in this cooperation and in the effort to normalize between the two sides, he pointed out:

“There are many historical facts and features between Turkey and Greece that have been positive and help to focus on the positive side of their relations. Most of the time, I wonder why domestic politics bring the two countries against each other. I have always belonged to those who believe that, especially in the first years of our Republic, the two leaders who developed this constructive communication and a strong peaceful dialogue after the war left us a valuable legacy. Relations between Turkey and Greece can get better. This would be an important message for world peace and tranquility.”

For relations between Turkey and Europe and their future, he underlined:

“Europe and Turkey are inseparable. Turkey has a strong democracy, it has a strong economy, a strong peace and strong international relations, and these are indicative that we can become very productive for Europe. In this view, when we work for our country or for Istanbul, I believe that we also contribute to Europe. I am a local minister helping to solve many of her problems. I always say the following. Europe is part of Turkey and Turkey is part of Europe. Our cooperation started thousands of years ago will continue to exist and will be the best.”

For Israel-Hamas warobserved:

“The problems between Israelis and Palestinians have existed for half a century. We have seen the sad consequences and the sad wars that have resulted in the death of people. We are sorry about that. I have always condemned some of the rampant and violent attacks against the Palestinian people. But I would also like to express and underline that we have always been against mutual terrorist attacks. Any attack on innocent people should be condemned. Achieving a strong and lasting peace in the Middle East is no longer an issue that concerns only Israel and Palestine. In this view, it is important that Europe, the UN and other countries contribute to achieving peace in the Middle East by thinking multilaterally and not unilaterally.”

For outgoing mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyannis and for her cooperation of the two cities with the new municipal authority in Athenawrite down:

“First of all, I would like to congratulate my dear friend Kostas for his contribution to Athens. I would like to thank him for the good and friendly relations we have established. In Istanbul we organized the Summit of the Network of Balkan Cities. It was done during the term of Kostas. It was a special collaboration.”

On the occasion of her election of Haris Doukas as the new mayor of Athenshe said:

“I hope to work with the newly elected mayor on better issues. I also sent him a thorough letter expressing these wishes. I am confident that we will develop a decisive relationship to continue the historical cooperation of these two cities and form the basis of a good relationship between Greece and Turkey.

(…) Greetings from Istanbul to Athens and throughout Greece. Also, it would be my pleasure to host the newly elected mayor in Istanbul.”

For challenges that he has to deal with managing such a large, historic and diverse city as the Constantinoplebut also for the vision of Prince’s Orphanagepointed out:

“Istanbul is a city with a history of thousands of years and as a mayor you bear a responsibility that extends beyond your term of office. I think the hardest thing is that you have the responsibility for a very long time. However, it prompts you to be more careful and consider all matters with deep sensitivity. Honestly, it’s a plus for me. Istanbul is the largest city in Europe. As I said you bear a responsibility for the geography and history of the city. This responsibility is huge, from the Caucasus to the Middle East from the Balkans to the northernmost tip of Europe.

Europe does not exist without Istanbul and vice versa. I was very impressed on my first visit. It is 124 years old and the second largest wooden building in the world. It has a great history. Of course, it is also a very important building for the Greeks. For this reason, I am very sorry for his current situation. I was impressed by the story of Lakis, with whom I visited the building. I thought about what we could do for this building, how we could participate in the process. The first important task to be done was to carry out the building inventory. We completed it quickly and successfully. Henceforth, we wish to support and participate in every stage of the process.

In fact, my friends and I consider the Princely Islands very important for many reasons. I believe that this wonderful building can provide very effective services in this area. It could become a museum where the history of the building will be revived. and its past functions will be explained. There is also culture, science, education and art. They had indicated to us that it could be used in these areas as well. Under this consideration, I firmly believe that it will become one of the most important poles of attraction in the city and one of the most worthwhile places to visit.”