With reference to today’s 15th “black anniversary of the cold-blooded murder of the 15-year-old Alexandrou Grigoropoulos the president of the SYRIZA-PS Parliamentary Group, Sokratis Famellos, began his speech in Parliament.

“The 6th of December will always be the day of Alexis, who would have been 30 years old today, it will be the day of his generation but also of the youth in general who rebel and claim” said Mr. Famellos and added: “A generation that came of age violently in 2008 and which then saw its dreams crushed by a decade of financial crisis and memoranda. Of a generation that was forced to leave abroad in search of a better future. To this generation but also to today’s youth, we owe it, 15 years later, to guarantee that every tomorrow will be better than yesterday and this cannot under any circumstances include any anachronistic discussion about private Higher Education Institutions and the revision of Article 16 of Constitution”.

Subsequently, referred to the upcoming Supreme Cooperation Council with Turkey: “As we have emphasized, we firmly support the dialogue with Turkey on the basis of international law, with the aim of reducing tension, building trust and cooperation in a number of fields. We emphasize, however, that this dialogue must be promoted on the basis of a specific strategy with a beginning, middle and end: First, it must be based on clear red lines: demilitarization and the defense of sovereignty. Second, to have a clear perspective on the delimitation of only the continental shelf/EEZ dispute at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The continental shelf/EEZ is the only legal issue, the only dispute we are seeking to be referred to The Hague. But, thirdly, this dialogue must clearly define the conditions under which the exploratory talks, which have not been defined to date, will proceed. Fourth, to make use of our alliances so that Turkey is pressured and committed to the Greek-Turkish and Euro-Turkish dialogue in the long term. In other words, he should not be able to return to the tension after taking advantage of the upcoming meeting to reap the benefits he seeks. And finally, the message must be clearly given to Mr. Erdogan and to all directions of the importance of restarting the talks for a fair and sustainable solution to the Cyprus issue where they were interrupted in Crans-Montana. of this international issue of invasion and occupation”.

He criticized the prime minister saying that we do not follow the path of Mr. Mitsotakis “who has been exploiting foreign policy issues for years to attack SYRIZA-PS, as a “national exception” for whom patriotism is a foreign word. What is the result of this patriotism? Today, there should be fertile ground in public opinion for positions like those of Mr. Samaras, who is against dialogue.”

But he also referred to “tragic evolution of the femicide of the 43-year-old woman in Salamina”: “I don’t want to underestimate either the issue or the bill. But I believe that if something should be discussed in the new bill of the Ministry of Justice, it is the legalization of the term of femicide as requested and submitted by SYRIZA-PS”.