The President of PASOK-Movement for Change, Nikos Androulakis, had a meeting with the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Eliza Ferreira, on Friday morning in Brussels.

The subject of the discussion was the utilization of European resources to strengthen the resilience of the country and the restoration of Thessaly.

Mr. Androulakis informed the Commissioner about the draft proposals elaborated by PASOK-Movement of Change, for the reconstruction of the affected areas of Thessaly with the establishment of a special task force, which will work according to the standards of project management groups.

The statement of Mr. Androulakis in detail:

“Today I had a comprehensive discussion with Commissioner Ferreira about the devastating effects of climate change in Greece this past summer.

We discussed Evros, Thessaly and Rhodes.

The Commissioner has informed us that we can use Cohesion Fund and Recovery Fund money to deal with the impact.

For my part, I informed her that we have proposed to the Greek government that a task force be created, which will use this money quickly, transparently and efficiently, in order to improve the everyday life of the citizens, who even now – months after the disaster in Thessaly – is in a very difficult position.

We also discussed the increase in housing costs in Greece in recent years. We need to implement social housing schemes to deal with the rising cost of living in relation to rents.

We can suspend the golden visa and put restrictions on short-term rentals.

For us, the goal is a Europe with small inequalities. A Europe that will give perspective to new generations. A Europe with a strong social model. With strong public health and strong public education. We will discuss all this in the battle of the next European elections.

Without solidarity, unfortunately, dead ends will multiply. We European socialists have proposals for solidarity and a common strategy for a self-reliant Europe with social justice.”