The president of KO New Left, Al. Haritsis.

There is a serious problem with (sports) violence that dit cannot be solved with vague and general declarations or with empty measures in the air which are never implemented, said Mr. Haritsis: “Greek society is tired of rhetorical announcements [..] He is tired of a government that keeps talking about law and order, at the same time that insecurity is shadowing the country,” he said characteristically.

Referring to yesterday’s visit of the Turkish president to Athens, he said that “the steps towards rapprochement and the progress in the Greek-Turkish dialogue are positive” and that, “we as the New Left will support every effort that will lead to good neighborliness and peace”.

As conditions for taking advantage of this specific “opportunity”, Mr. Haritsis described (1) the establishment of clear priorities based on International Law and the protection of sovereign rights, (2) the progress in the Greek-Turkish dialogue being integrated into the framework of our overall broader multidimensional foreign strategy policy “opposite to the logic of the loyal and given ally, which is applied by the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis” and (3) the discussion on the country’s foreign policy and bilateral relations, to take place in terms of an institutional and coordinated democratic dialogue, with information of the parties of the Parliament, with the isolation of nationalist voices, which unfortunately appear on various sides of the party system, and a commitment by all sides to refrain from petty party games. “If the past has taught us something, it is that investing in nationalism, or internal enemy logics, even when it reaps short-term benefits for someone who attempts them, ultimately damages above all the homeland itself,” Mr. Haritsis emphasized .