“Behind me you see not only the discrediting of a historical industry, an industry with export products, a heavy industry that could put Greece on the map in Europe. But you also see the discrediting of 500 families and more throughout the country, who will unfortunately have a black Christmas”, stressed the president of SYRIZA-PS, Stefanos Kasselakis during his visit to LARCO today.

The president of SYRIZA spoke to the workers, who expressed to him their anxiety about the next day and their need for work.

“Unfortunately, they do not know if from 1/1 they will be on the payroll of the state, the company, or if they will have to start thinking about their survival. From what I have seen there is no immediate plan to restart the unit. I don’t even know if there is a study by the future owner or by the government about what will happen next,” said St. Kasselakis.

“The least the workers here deserve is some transparency. To know what will dawn the next day. We, as the official opposition, have put forward our proposal for the extension of the workers’ contract for at least another 12 months. From there, we need to find a way for LARCO to deliver to the industry again and become profitable. People here want to work,” he emphasized and concluded:

“The business can pay off, it is in the hands of the government to finally find the solutions and put both the private individual and the workers at the same table.”