The lawyer of the complainant in the rape case is asking for the maximum sentence for Alves: 12 years in prison!


His position is becoming more and more difficult Dani Alves in the trial for the rape case, for which he is accused and has been in custody for about 11 months.

The lawyer of the alleged victim, who complains that the Brazilian defender raped her, requests the imposition of the maximum penalty on the footballer, i.e. twelve years in prison. That’s an even greater punishment than the one requested by the prosecutor, who last week recommended nine years in prison with five suspended and restricted. At the same time, the victim’s side claims as compensation of 150,000 eurosan amount that was also the prosecutor’s proposal.

The player’s side insists that what happened between them on December 31, 2022 in a barcelona nightclub toilet was consensual. His third request for parole had the same fate as the first two and so the former ace of Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, Juventus and Paris has remained in custody since January 20.

Accused and complainant have not been able to agree to an out-of-court settlement and if such a solution is not found in the immediate future, then a regular trial will probably take place in February 2024.

Source: Sport Fm

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