Citizen Protection Minister Yiannis Oikonomou sent a message of congratulations to the Greek Police, on the occasion of the arrest of the perpetrator of the attack on police officers in Rentis.

As Mr. Economou reports, “the Greek Police managed very quickly – with an organized plan and impeccable methodical – to locate, bring in, interrogate, and extract a confession from the perpetrator of the murderous attack against the 31-year-old policeman in the area of ​​Rentis” , giving “congratulations, once again, to EL.AS. for the mass adduction operation on the night of the attack.”

“The perpetrator, as well as all those who participated in the attacks against the police officers, were among those brought in. From this operation there is now a lot of information that will help the authorities in dealing with the hooligan criminal organizations, but also those who tolerate them and incite them”, emphasizes Mr. Oikonomou.

“We pray and hope for the best for the injured policeman, who is fighting for his life in the hospital,” concluded the Minister of Citizen Protection.