After the “ploughing” of the last few days in Larissa by PASOK – KINAL ranks, today Sunday came to the city and the president of the party, Mr. Nikos Androulakis who in the morning met with productive bodies in Thessaly Region. The two sides discussed the situation in the areas affected by the floods and the reconstruction plan for Thessaly proposed by PASOK-Movement for Change.

“There is a full post-mortem on what has been done and what has not been done. On Friday, I discussed with the responsible commissioner Ferreira how we should utilize the many European funds that our country is entitled to with speed, transparency and efficiency. Thessaly cannot be led into a situation of short-term discussion and long-term stagnation. Here is the production and the heart of Greece, we will be demographically at risk of discouraging younger generations from starting families” he emphasized upon his arrival at the new headquarters of the Region of Thessaly, adding that “we should not only talk about the restoration of production losses, but about the money that producers need and discuss a comprehensive plan to upgrade the production base, which will make Thessaly experience a new perspective again.”

Furthermore, according to, he gave importance to PASOK’s proposal for a Task Force to Kyriakos Mitsotakis. As he stated: “We don’t say big words. We try to listen and compose. What I have proposed to the prime minister is a Task Force, in which he will participate, the relevant ministers, people from civil society, chambers, the self-government, which will meet frequently and will have a decisive character. This does not exist today. It should happen immediately to the standards of the Olympics so that this plan can be drawn up… Much more needs to be done in the Central Planning of climate change development reconstruction and strengthening of infrastructure”

During his discussion with productive bodies, he pointed out the direction of PASOK – Movement for Change “responsibilities should be assigned where they should be, decisions should be made for the country”.

Nikos Androulakis also mentioned pthe incidents that took place in Rentis last Thursday that resulted in the injury of the police officer.

“You will allow me, before saying a few words about our journey in Thessaly, to refer to the new tragedy we had, with the injured young policeman and the incidents of violence, which unfortunately are not the first time in our country.

After the murder of Alkis, the murder of Michalis, we heard words about toughening the penalties, meetings were held with the owners of major football clubs, but things continue to be tragic.

I expect the Prime Minister to finally take the decisions that other European states have taken and faced fan violence, which unfortunately discredits sports,” he said characteristically.